Policy Engagement

Central to ALUM’s approach is direct engagement with policy makers for maximum impact. ALUM researchers aspire to jointly inform various policy makers with evidence-based analysis and recommendations.  The ALUM network’s research-based work can help inform deliberations not only at the national level but also in the EU and the UN.  

At the same time, we are keen to learn from policy makers and international civil servants about the most pressing issues as well as socio-political constraints as they evolve. These can inform our own research agenda. 

We have linked up to senior government bodies of key countries in the EU, which have thus far bore the brunt of the costs of the migration crisis: Germany, Italy and Sweden as well as the EU itself. With the expansion of ALUM to the Middle East, we initiated engagement with politicians in that region too, starting in Lebanon.


We are directly linked to the G7 process. At the request of the Italian G7 Presidency, ALUM is prepared a “non-paper” to the G7 Sherpa’s attention ahead of the G7 Summit in Taormina, Italy at the end of May 2017. The 2nd Siracusa Research Conference was dedicated to this endeavour. 

We have also engaged with local government officials in these countries, as well as with representatives of the UN. The workshop organised by the University of Mannheim specifically engaged with local government representatives and NGOs.