We stepped up our joint action in this area, drawing on members’ own unique approaches:


The MigrationMatters online course on migration of LSE IGA, where top academics present their research findings in a fun and accessible manner. Learn about migration in 5 minutes a day here:


The LSE IGA migration video competition, funded by Open Society Foundations attracted over 50 submissions from filmmakers/migrants around the world. The winners were announced late November 2016 in London at the LSE event 'Beyond Tolerance: Citizenship, Diversity, and Constructive Conflict'. Watch the shortlisted videos here.

The winning video was Asylum:POV by Monzer Darwish, a Syrian refugee now living in the Netherlands; watch the video below.

Asylum:POV is a short version of our story about leaving Syria and ending up in the Netherlands. This version was created for the purpose of LSE Institute of Global Affairs contest on the subject of immigration Filmed and edited by: Monzer Darwish