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ALUM organises major joint research and policy conferences that are hosted by various ALUM members. It also engages and connects its students in the migration research field; develops joint research projects and continuously informs network members of each others activities.

4th ALUM Conference in Beirut
Universities Responding to the Refugee Crisis

ALUM will hold its 4th conference on November 6-7 2017 in Beirut, Lebanon, hosted by the American University of Beirut (AUB) – Issam Fares Institute on the theme Universities Responding to the Refugee Crisis.  The Conference brings together lead researchers, and policy makers from the ALUM network that spreads across Europe, the Middle East region, and the Americas. The findings and recommendations will be announced the “Beirut Declaration”. 

The Conference will cover the following themes in the form of session and roundtable discussions:

  • Political and institutional constraints to migration - the political economy and governance of migration and refugees crisis;

  • Migration, displacement, and public perception – can we rebalance and change the migration narrative?;

  • Return migration and vulnerable groups – the role of the international community, development policy and federal and local level government interventions;

  • Advocacy, policy and research impact - how can universities and research-based activism be strengthened to better inform and support policy interventions?;

  • Health and nutrition for migrants and refugees;

  • Education – how to avoid a “lost generation” without education? Looking further, should universities support education to people on the move (internally and ultimately globally)?;

  • Private sector engagement globally and locally – what are the main impediments to job sustained creation for refugees and what role for public-private partnerships?;

ALUM will draft a short statement on how best academics can support evidence-based and politically feasible policy-making and the most pressing current issues on migration and refugee crisis at the time of increased anti-globalization and anti-migration sentiment in important parts of the world.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom:
the Economics of Migration and Public Perception

Prior to the 4th ALUM Conference, a pre-event will be held in the afternoon of November 5, focusing on research projects in the area of the Economics of Migration and Public Perception of Migration, with presentations from young scholars and contributions from ALUM researchers.

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